• " The Bedroom" ; Gesamptkunstwerk For HPGRP building , Ginza Tokyo.






  • "Colette has created a complex oeuvre of performances and stage photographs. She has also pioneered trends in art, design and fashion, including the Victorian Punk look . As she has reinvented herself as an artist, she has seen her ideas filter into the commercial world ....Today, her influence on pop entertainers from Madonna to Lady Gaga, and visual artists like Cindy Sherman is clear "

    Katie Peyton for Bomb Magazine/2013:


    trailer. documentary.by Paul Tschinkel/ 1993:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZNhbDKgyzs


    "Notes on Baroque Living "/Colette in her living Environment

    @#CompanyGallery. 145 Elizabeth St,NYC.

    Nov.20.2021 to feb.12. 2022:


    write ups, reviews & interviews 












    a very successful Kickstarter Project Campaign was launched by #people-of_victory to save

    " the living environment" .

    the campaign was a sucess. there was great feedback from the Press & social media.. popular pages .. Instagram .Fb etc. !

    Ex; interviews :&stories in Ingenue magazine, the artsnewspaper, the Observer, dazzeddigital, Flauntmagazine etc ...



  • pic: "lumiere o lumière occupies lowen palais I."2015

    "fight terror with glamor"..

  • President of C.I.A.( the Colette Institute of Art) aka

    Laboratoire Lumiere



    Graffiti group show. July 2022. Public Access Gallery NYC-curated by NedVena


    may 2022.zoom conversation -guggenheim museum nyc. on masks .

    moderated. by Ksenia.m.Sobolova


    "Notes on Baroque Living "/ Solo

    Colette in her living Environment

    Company Gallery. 145 Elizabeth St,NYC.

    Nov.20.2021 to feb.12. 2022:



    @DarlingPearls & Co

    ./May 15 /Aug.15 /2021


    diary of a pandemic. 2021/ ( selection of art works from 70's) til now With New Short video/may2021.


    extensive site from 70's to 2013 :http://collectcolette.com

    ART NET MONOGRAPH:http://www.artnet.com/usernet/awc/awc_artisthome.asp?aid=425934057( up to 2018)

    Colette The Artist u tube chanel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbMHMqXssYo&t=8s


    Group Shows: 2021

    lady finger &figmcflurry

    july 2021 august 2021

    56 henry st. gallery .

    monroe st. lower eastside





    NdBJJh4U8rFLo__fwgzi8 . 2https://www.instagram.com/p/CQv9y12DpGu/?fbclid=IwAR02R_5Q9qQJgCTKvMz4m2pfxvlS8s3bQE-hs_


    DNYC GALLERY - FEB27- APRIL 2021( LOWER EASTSIDE "Heaven’s Tab“ -



    "All of Them Witches " Jeffrey Deitch Gallery . L.A. Feb. April


    InterINTIMES_AutoPORTRAIT/Lachenman Gallery . Frankfurt .till february


    June/Aug/2019 "LUMIERE's ADVENTURE IN ZULU LAND II ": Large Scale Solo Presentation of New Works for  "The Eye Never Sleeps Festival .Poland



    June 2019. June Basel . video installation .(reviewed in the art newspaper etc. )

    ( courtesy Mitchell Algus Gallery)

    june/august 2019 Masterpieces- group show at Mitchell Algus Gallery .

    Sept 2019 . VivianHoran Fine Arts . solo presentation.

    Nov .2019 - Solo ."Clean Up Time " solo @ Stiftung Starke/Berlin

    April 10 Live Presentation/Interview with Jens Pepper @Barbiche/Berlin

    short film by Philip Cox "Lumiere & the Lowen Palais -2019 screened @

    "GalleriaGalerieLubyanaSlovenia,/ march 2019/ Palace Ostromecko, Poland july 2019


    Vivian Horan Gallery NYC sept .2019

    &@Foundation Starke Berlin. feb.2020


    "The Rehearsal II". multi media presentation/performance @ Lowen Palais/Berlin March8 2019 /

    recent interview in German :






    "Berlin Night Drawings @Susanne Albrecht Gallery -

    May 8 to June 9 Berlin /Charlottenburg

    "The Berlin Diaries @Seven Star Gallery . April 27th to May 30th(solo)Berlin Mitte


    "Lumiere is Zulu Land" @"Stockholm Auction House-Jan.21- Feb.4th .2018

    (Organized by Thanda Art Projects - all works sold to benefit Star for Life Foundation)



     an nstallation view - from exhibition/ installation ./ sept oct. 2017 @MitchellAlgus Gallery


    "Love in the Attic..Mermaid in the Closet" / installation detail of exhibition .

    colette mannequin sculpture with Wall fragment from "there is mermaid in the attic .MoMaPS1 .june dec. 2016

    (wall fragment exhibited march 2020 JeffreyDeitchGallery LA.)

    selected best of 2017 by Art Forum . Dec. issue. @Mitchell Algus.NYC.)

    http://www.contemporaryartdaily.com/2017/10/colette-at-mitchell-algus/@MitchellAlgus Gallery. Sept 12/Oct15 images;http://mitchellalgusgallery.com/colette-exhibition-page/



    some works also available at Vivian Horan Fine Art .NYC

     there's a mermaid in the attic.PS1Moma. 2016.nyc. installation

    March 2017. "Lumiere Occupies the Lowen Palais II " The Rehearsal"I .central room-Exhibition of NEW WORKS. .&. installation&works in its three rooms- as well as other spaces in building not normally open to the public of Ex;"Mata Hari & the Stolen Potatoes" Berlin -84-85 / Dial 'C'for Scandal Series'Munich86/91

    @Stiftung Starke Foundation Gallery Space ./Berlin


    Front & Back Cover of the Pathos of Communication By Richard Milazzo.Sept.2017.

     there's a mermaid in the attic.PS1Moma. 2016.nyc. installation



    installation entire attic &/performance"Homage to Duchamp's" ettant donne.'" with art works and archival material over 4 decades displayed throughout the attic . on floor . trunks wall. vitrines etc

    http://artfcity.com/2016/07/13/not-an-alternative-forty-at-moma-ps1/ ....etc etc

    Frankfurter Allgemein Feuilleton . June.26. 2016.

    .https://www.domusweb.it/en/news/2016/07/09/_forty_at_moma_ps1.html/ etc etc


    Instagram - June 2016:/Pic &text before the opening "Mermaid In the Attic " for #40 .:


    klausbiesenbach MoMA PS1/Video


    klausbiesenbach#colettelumiere short #colette, did pioneering performance pieces in the 70s and 80s"she is said to be one of the first artists to sleep inside of her gallery installations like in her very famous pieces for stefanotty gallery "the transformation of the sleeping gypsy" in 1973 and also at #theclocktowergallery in 1976.that same year she created her installation "david's wrath" for #alannaheiss's "rooms" exhibition that founded #momaps1....sneak peek with fan sounds of wall detail #colettelumiere room in #alannaheiss's #forty exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary at @momaps1 #momaps1tolearn more about the groundbreaking artist follow her @colettelumiere"


      "Dream Catcher " light  box for the Wurfel .@ Neumersteir Bar Am. Gallery Berlin

      Other Exhibitions& activities 2016-2017

      26 pages- on lenght article on" the beautiful dreamer" Oct.2016:


      Artiopoeus live ingerviews. may 2016& June 2016 ( currently off line )

      Active ingredient /Lisa Cooley gallery NYC/Jan/feb.2016.

      Action/Performance/documentation/ 70's early 80's/Mitchell Algus Gallery.NYC feb. april 2016.
      "Dream Catcher 2016. the Wurfel @ Neumeister Bar Am.Gallery .Berlin( image above)
      "Vis A Vis."Johanna Breede /Photo Kunst/ May7/july8/Berlin2016.



      THANDA ART PROJECTS/ STAR FOR LIFE FOUNDATION -NOV.2016.(curated by Johan Falkman)



      "ME MYSELF AND I " 68 projects. Berlin

      Mata Hari Room open to the public at Foundation Starke Berlin .nov. 2016:


      Baroness Magazine( 14 pages).Dec. 2016.( baroness launch, exhibition/

      http://www.sleek-mag.com/2016/12/14/indie-erotic-art-magazine-host-one-night-exhibition-berlin- )

      PS1 Archivial show .2017

      Summer Show-Art Von Frei. Berlin June/Aug. 2017

      group show Ruter Von Den Marmorklippen

      Möckernstraße 120, 10963 Berlin

      group show curated by Martin Kwade and Mikolai Sekutowiz


      works on view upon request @Vivian Horan Gallery. NYChttp://www.vivianhoran.com/artists/colette.


      "Eric's Tape " film by Callisto McNulty& Anne Destival .Screened in Paris theaters. Summer 2017.-

      about the geneology of a found cassette interview of Colette by Andy Warhol."the Pathos ofCommunication" by RichardMilazzo.:front and back cover. (installation"the Screening Room" In .Lumiere Occupies Palais II.)https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/opYJyZ4iu8/fi-52fb3c4c-5d5b-49cb-a9dd-bb5fc98b93a4/fv-75419e25-ba42-4101-a558-7641cb64aa13/obs_zine_3-5.pdf

      berlin night drawings(2016-2018) , susanne albrecht gallery berlin . 2018

      Berlin night Drawings.- Susanne Albrecht Gallery . berlin 2018

      Brochure with images of drawings and text by Richard Milazzo )


      Pic . of Alexandra. metaphysical portraits solo exhibitions at Undercurent NYC 2014-. and Destination NYC. 2010



      pic of myself with "edition the woman with the golden mask" series. images takes on different sizes. forms .mediums . berlin theme - 2015-2017.

      "The Woman With the Golden Mask" Series /Berlin 2015-2017

      the woman with the golden mask , is a central image ( from a previous performance ) that initially appeared in post ups throughout the city when I first arrived in 2015. It is an emblem for "the Unknown Artist" of Berlin, my response to the city overpopulated by artists all aiming to gain notoriety . From 2015 until now, this image has been altered and recycled in many forms, from post ups to photo works, to individual mixed media art pieces, in color and black& white.

      ”One collector entitled her as "My Marilyn,”referring to Warhol'siconic image of Monroe.

      ( quote taken from article - the woman with the golden mask -)



      Group Exhibitions. 2015/2017

      Berlin &-NYC

      2015 / 2016 Group Exhibitions:

      "The Proud Collector "@The Grand.(curators:Olaf Schirm, Tilman Woeske, Peter Ungeheuer,)

      "Displaced" Shlacten Festival curated by Emily Pueter /also in panel discussion at the intersection between Art& Science.

      "Microcosmi."( group show berlin -image above) Sept .2015 wall fragments/

      & foto editions;sleeping in Glass Cabinet. 91/Wake of Madame Recamier.74 .

      curated by Pascual Jordan & Petra Dragger.


      "the Downtown Decade" Rare´Gallery NYC. Sept .2015

      "Transitions": Olympia practices being 2 places at one time""(sleeping in glass cabinet.)Werktadd Galerie . Sept- Oct. Berlin

      Open Studios @Foundation Starke."lumiere goes about her Business' nov. 7. installation performance with art works.

      Time Lies. International Kino. curated by God's Dogs .Nov.2015


      The Colette Lounge @ The Lowen Palais Berlin. .2015  ( previously the colette salon in the 90's )

      One of the art works in " THE COLETTE LOUNGE " DIAL C for SCANDAL SERIES "-

      @ the Lowen Palais . Berlin /Paintings & Scultptures/some for sale .

      .previously the Colette Salon /95 to 2000.-/Foyer 2001to 2019.-a comissioned work- also on view in foyer,

      works from 70's till now -are displayed

      2015.exhibition "Lumiere Occupies Lowen Palais I"-In the central rooms of Gallery -installation of the "C.I.A. the Colette Institute of Art offices -(on site installation-& art in hidden spaces of The Lowen Palais usually not open to public were on view.

      records from the story of my life.  68 projects /kornfeld gallery berlin . 2016/7 ( series ..1978 - 2019.)l

      records from the story of my life. lp size mixed media unique works that document my life and art 1978-2019/

      (pic from "me myself & I " @68 projects /berlin . nov. 2016- feb. 2017)



      While Colette continues to create and exhibit her art in galleries, museums &other art spaces, Laboratoire Lumiere is seeking commissions for "Permanent or 'Temporary Colettesized 'Art environments.. wall installations for, Hotel Lobbys / Bed-Rooms -,.building entrances. sets for Films .videos...etcDepartment stores windows..Private & Public

      public installation commissions. : 1985 I sets and costumes for the Berlin Opera, for Ravel's "L'heure Espagnole" . In 2004 entire floor in the HPGRP fashion building in Ginza ,Tokyo. The environment showcased my paintings,light sculptures - furniture and fashion & multiples ...from t-shirts to Cd's&

      Colette Salon /Lowen Palais Berlin 90's/ Colette Salon Stifftung Starke 94-2000

      PUBLIC SPEAKING; & guest professor. ex ;NYU /The Institute of Architecture ? The Art Akademie Dusseldorf.Columbia University NYC/THe Banff Center Canada/Yale University /The Art institute of Chicago/The Brooklyn Museum .etc etc.

      taught drawing at SVA from 2011 to 2014 .

      "the transformation of the Sleeping gypsy. 1973 .Stefonatty Gallery nyc. installation and sleeping perfomrance.

      "Spring Fever" @HAgn. installation detail )Light boxes. Sculptures. "Records from the Story of my Life" Series and on right collettesized commission portrait of James Mc Laren ./ Berlin . March/April 2015 .


      Colette retrospective. Opening performance. 1981. Munster kunstverein. curated by Thomas Deecke

      "The Making of Olympia"1981.@ Munster Kunstverein - foto work-

      (opening tableau performance/retrospective)curated by Thomas Deecke

      -Monograph by Gian Carlo Politi

      texts by Arturo Schwarz, Peter Selz, Jeffrey Deitch .


      THE COLETTE INSTITUTE OF ART :PROTECTS, SHARES AND PROMOTES COLETTE VISION, HISTORY &.TRADEMARKS..( ex; "minimal Baroque".1973 "Deadly Feminine". 1978..victorian punk 78- disco punk 79..

      MOTTOS: such as "great artist dont kiss a77ss" "i love my life , I live my art , so fuck the critics, 79 "

      "fuck art lets dance "" 1980 ( title of installation @Danceteria)

      No Money No Art ,2004 " Fight Terror with Glamor ".2004. "Beware of Women in Pink "" 2004" etc.all copyright colette The Artist.


      FACE BOOK C.i.A. Page .:https://www.facebook.com/CIA-The-Colette-Institute-of-Art-265104940193840/?timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=622770571&pnref=lhc

      C.I.A. is looking for publisher for a CoffeeTable Book with images of installations etc. 1970s till now

      (Colette 's installation/performances -are available in Foto editions .).

      11 monographs .(1981-2016) "

      street works from the 70's ". limited edition was published by Antoine Lefrebre editions. 2016.

      We Are In process of Organizing a travelling retrospective with catalogue.; and seeking for the proper home for the "Colette Archive" "as well as her dismantled " Legendary environment"in 83. .

      'Colettesized Berlin Family Portrait" 1985 .120 by 180 centimeters mixed media.

      "Colettesized Portraits"Comissions/

      Colette's involvement with the commisioned portrait began early in her careet but bacame highly publicized with the solo exhibitions "The Aristocrats" at Carol Johnssen ( Munich 2001) & "Intriguing Faces" at Vivian Horan ,NYC.2007.Her portraits involve an alchemical process, which she defines as "Colettesizing". using photography.,paint, resin and other materials./also available "Metaphysical portraits " paintings on canvas,(link below )



      "Homage to Colette the Artist/the Reverse Pop Series .78/83 curated by IFAC.2014.

      performance/ 'Laboratoirelumiere Lumiere Private Offices""Colette stamps archivial documents in her office"

      exhibition ,curated by IFAC.: Lee Wells Gregory DeLaHAba,( Delancey st. NYC. Jan.Febr.2014

      installation view of  of selecected "Records from the Story of  My life " 78/2007 . for "lumiere Occupies the owen Palais. 2015.


      "autobiographs. foto editions 70's +/with wall fragment with foto.

      pic /Black& white gallery Williamsburg. 2011. .. foto editions with Wall Fragment of living Environment ...(basic instinct title of show )

      (POSES . exhibition dedicated to staged photographs and foto editions @Kim Foster. Gallery NYC 1999)


      Colette's work is in the Collection of Guggenheim .N.Y.C , The MOCA L.A, The Museum Ludwig Cologne , The Brooklyn Museum NYC, Bar Harbor Museum of Art LA, The Aldrich Museum Connecticut , F.I U. Museum Miami,The Wolfsburg Museum , Germany, The Berlinshe Gallery Berlin. She has exhibited in those museums as well . Other museums that presented her works: The Musee Dart Moderne Lausanne, The New Museum NYC.The Grey Art Gallery NYC. The Neue Gallery Vienna, The Museum of Comtemporary Art Houston,Texas,The Woflsburg Museum Germany etc. etc.The Berlin Kunsteverein, The Munich Kunstverein , the Museum of Modern Art ,Finland, Musee National De Montreal ..& the Munster Kunstverein ( pic above of opening Performance 1981.) etc


      detail of my living environment , during one of its last t detail of my living environment in one of its  ransformations & myself as part of it . 1981.


      I have been told that Colette's environment - and it took ten years for it to grow to what it is now - is in danger of disappearing due to the total lack of support from museums and institutions. This would be a real tragedy. It would deprive New York of one of its last poetical spots. I cannot believe that New Yorkers would allow this to happen. I refuse to think that they could be blind to art and deaf to the harmony of loveFor love has nested in Colette's apartment.Politi Monogram 1981 .Arturo Schwarz


      "Colette is perhaps the only person who has reached the objective sought by the artists who look for the integration of life and are. She defines both identically as her own living space."
      Erica Billeter, Kunsthaus Zurich - 1979

      Since the 70's I began using the streets my canvas and simultaneously transformed my home into a continuous work of art. Soon after , I began staging similar soft fabrics environments with different themes in well known galleries and museums. ( Stefonatty Gallery NYC. 1973. the Clocktower NYC 1975/6 Moma . 1977 Palais de Tokyo for Paris Beinnale. 77 Whitney 1978- PS.1 Moma 1978 etc ). I appeared in my installations as a central element , usually laying still or sleeping. and had myself photographed. Simultaneously , I continued to create these living tableaux in alternative, unorthodox locations, : the streets , department store windows and clubs.

      In 1978, Fiorucci invited me to do an installation . performance in the windows of its famous boutique on 59th. This started the trend of live models in windows. A year Later, Recognizing the influence of my vision and unique style Fiorucci commissioned me to create a line of clothes . I presented the "Deadly Feminine "line in the store windows , as a limited edition from the Colette is Dead Co. with a multi media performance at the Mudd Club.

      " As Colette has become increasingly renowned in art circles, she watched her ideas filer int he products of designers, decorators and others in the commercial world. In her 1978 performance the Last Stitch at the Whitney Museum ,she declared herself Dead arranging to be born again as Justine: an energetic entrepreneur , ..ex limited edition of the beautiful Dreamer lp ...

      Jeffrey Deitch for Politi Monograh on Colette . 1981.

      ( the album was rereleased by DFA label . 2011.)

      Justine of the Colette is Dead Co. (Reverse Pop series) was the first of a series pf Living Personas her Sucessors were : Mata Hari &the Stolen Potatoes Berlin 1984.85 / The Countess Reichenbach , Munich (86-91) The House of Olympia ( when NYC once again became her permanent residence .(91/2000 ) and Lumiere since 9/11 .

      for more info : collectcolette.com ( 70's up to 2013. )

      ( sorry extensive site currently not working?)




    • laboratoirelumiere@gmail.com














      "Metaphysical Portraits &

      other experiments...@Undercurrent Projects.

      NYC. 2014